Voice, then a choice, the annoying invade,
A less than perfect decision was to be made.
Be joyful, persistent, in an everlasting hope,
Hope that rests, in Christ, his comfort and ability to cope.

Friend, not a stranger, at one time betrayed,
Then all of a sudden a trial had turned gray.
Silenced and enduring, midst tears screaming afflicted,
His Redemption, Christ’ blood, love covered the affliction.

Dreams, future, its more than a slight distraction,
When lives become messy become completely fractured.
Another dream, another day, emergence and sudden re-birth,
The spiritual re-direct, well, its now a completed new birth.

Choice, deceptive voice, sometimes the enemy leads one astray,
Yet faith comes by hearing, hearing HIS voice, steers in a more excellent way.
Diligently seeking, remains steadfast in prayer,
Its in the watching, by faith standing, not declaring unfair.

Faith, it stepped, it took the unseen risk,
In Christ, he’s always in, an unmerited grace that persists.
To BE an expression, and to BE seen,
In a GOD who surrounds and will not forsake.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 

Life happens and we all make choices, mistakes, it’s what makes us human. Some good, some bad. In the midst of what appears to be a life-changing event – our prayers, our faith, our joy and our hope in an Almighty God (who never slumbers) is always at work behind the scenes, in the unseen, with what we cannot see, and yet one day will be fully seen! Rest assure, God is working all things for His good!


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