Joy Amidst



   Is A …

 peace lingering,

amidst the constant change,

a confident change,

that feels so strange,

a peaceful place, in His glorious range,

the face of praise, and in one unashamed.


   Is A …

 splash of grace,

of your indwelling presence,

the Spirit of God,

a free gift in essence,

Christ in me, and your life ever-present,

whispers of grace, within this holy crescent.


   Is That …

 treasured moment,

a momentary circumstance,

a timeless heart,

embracing the dance,

temporary pleasures, a fleeting measure,

points to God, a lasting treasure.


   Is That …

 changing maze,

a constant choice,

that focused gaze, 

which creates a voice,

within the chase, a cautious place,

turns to void, yet points to grace.


   Will Flow …

 they come and go,

leave teardrops upon a soul,

placing a joy, 

in someone’s heart core,

a weeping of hearts, an intense emotion,

secreting your grace, and a constant moisten.


   Do Glow …

 weep of fear, a familiar cheer,

an intensified burden,  

provides and guide,

to soften and for certain,

a sacred place, to unhide but alive,

a release of worry, held deep inside.


   Will Press …

 takes me down,

a road I’ve never known,

to painful places, 

that I don’t want to own,

so easy to moan, an anxious groan,

persistent carry, a heavy load alone.


   Has Pressed …

 sweeps an aching heart,

its throbbing pain,

life pressed with fear, 

and of senseless gain,

dark places of shame, a fallen curtain,

in Christ the burden, is forgiven for certain.


   Set Forth … 

 a rebellion of hearts,

began in God’s garden,

then redemption marched in, 

thus our sin was pardoned,

washing and cleanse, the guilt and shame,

replaced with Christ, a grace-based claim.


   Set Forth … 

 an eternal choice,

it stood in front of me,

revealed the sin, 

and the pardon I need,

sinful, fallen, and short of His Glory,

a change of heart, becomes part of His Story.


   In Place …

 his presence the gift,

and twenty-four-seven,

taste of your glory, 

thus stored in Heaven,

Christ in me, a hope restored,

a life complete, it needs nothing more.


   It Commands …

 a steady stress,

a mixed up mess,

a welcomed rest, 

yet a quiet bless,

when one perseveres, when one pushed down,

does rise instead, and stands their ground.


   Will Come …

 brings forth a storm,

persistent its pounds,

stands on my thorn, 

thus making a sound,

opportunity awaits, and choice to make,

to trust in Christ, is not a mistake.


   Will Indwell …

 it hears your call,

in spite of a potential fall,

that familiar fall, 

then your persistent call,

drawing me back, and for a second glance,

providing the chance, for the blessed dance.


   Will Carry …

 comforts the hurt,

its presently spilling,

in that place, 

where it is currently hurting,

restoring my strength, and with a portion,

you sustain my heart, as it turns in motion.


   Are Those …

 a rebellious child,

who finally embraces,

that precious one, 

who in humility faces,

graced in love, a covering in essence,

sheltered and placed, and in God’s sacred presence.


   It Flows …

 it washes in,

with understanding,

flowing within, 

and quite demanding,

a joyful mesh, in a presence commanding,

refreshing hope, and abundant life sustaining.


   It Flows …

 life giving and loving,

the Holy Spirit breathing,

in life and creating,

sensing God, His daily healing,

a crashing of waves, against a shoreline cave,

funnels and channels, infused the heart maze.   


   In Thought …

 furiously pushed back,

fiercely attacked,

that which built, 

a destructive word stack,

laid down a lie, which separates and cracks,

commanded in truth, a redeemed come back.


   In Mind …

 a destructive thought gone,

scattered and flown,

a captivating thought, 

a desperate soul grows,

re-birthed, surrendered, a heart does seek,

birth of truth, a voice freed to speak.


Joy Amidst


3 John 4: Holy Bible: New International Version … “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”


There is no greater joy than knowing that Christ lives in me. His life, his truth, his joy, his glory is my strength.


Composed by Nancy Clone (Faris) Byrne as a modern day psalm, reflective prayer on March 2, 2009.


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