Leaving India ~ For His Glory



Leaving India …

A Job In The Midst Of An Economic Crisis

During a devotional reading one morning, the Lord spoke through Romans 4:17: “…the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were”.
What a profound God moment and source of encouragement. This is a brief but true account of one man and his need for employment, in the midst of an economic crisis. Of God calling forth which did not exist into existence. 
It was a normal morning. I (Dave) was singing worship songs on my guitar and casually interspersing readings from my Bible. To give a bit of background, I have been working overseas for a Fortune 100 employer and the end of my contract is upon us (my wife and I). I had just started applying for positions when all of a sudden they were all cancelled and a company wide freeze put in place. As the days went by, I heard of company after company doing the same because of the severe economic crisis in the USA. Therefore, here we are returning to the United States after an expatriate assignment and no jobs available. Two years earlier, I left my LOB (Line of Business) and moved to India where I supported a totally different LOB (Line of Business) where I had no history, network or connections. Now, I am going back with no real “owner”. After the sacrifices, the taking of the high road, working incredulous hours and achieving excellent results, it doesn’t seem fair. I cruised right by the end of verse 17 and it was as if God whispered in my ear. “Hey, what was that you just read?” I read it over again and thought, “That’s nice”. Then the Holy Spirit nudged me again and said, “Hey, those words are for you and your job search”. As I read it again and reflected on the truth Abraham experienced, I could sense faith growing in me and tears of joy began to flow. In the days that followed, emotions would come and go, but there was a confidence that God would do something. It was strong enough that I was able to share the situation and expectation with others. A week later, I was told that one of the Executive’s in our off-shoring group wanted to speak to me. Again, the background is that they had just moved 20-30 mid-senior leaders out of the team and into Operations as the company was reducing and streamlining. I met with the executive and as a result, he informed me that he was creating a new small team within his strategy organization and thought I was the perfect candidate for his lead direct report. I accepted the position and Praise God for creating something where nothing existed before!
Composed by Nancy Clone (Faris) Byrne as a personal reflection in a walk of faith alongside her husband, Dave (January 2009).

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