Shattering ~ Grace Storms

Shattering of the heart, a crushing foreseen …
   when scattered thorns, seek to be seen.
Reckless thought, a darting back and forth …
   where a rush begins, begotten without worth.
Awakened in brokenness, a humble release …
   shaken to glean, the daunting cease.
Sensing an unease, a vulnerable tenderness …
   shattered to torn, and warned to make peace.
Reflection in completeness, a purging of heart …
   in quiet reflection, and not alone to restart.
Self ~ Sufficiency, often speaks its case …
   when flesh the default, most often is placed.
Endures face to face, seeking to perform …
   anxiously as it awaits, so ready to conform.
Grace, it storms, in welcomed haste …
    performance aside, is disabled and replaced.
Pushing independence, yet dependence begins …
   when Christ stands between, takes away my sin.
Self ~ Sufficiency, an unfortunate, a deceptive mistake …
   the self-destructive lie, is banished, a completed forsake.   
Selfless Is,
   the perfect one …
   CHRIST is sufficient,
   My all ~ consuming righteousness.
Crushing Is,
   that false part …
   where self-sufficiency it imparts,
   Was an all ~ pursing unrighteousness.
   meshed in …
   a grace within,
   in forgiveness, a gift freely given. 
Chasing Is, 
   and His heart …
   a life he restarts,
   an abundant, a grace freely living.
Sanctification Is,
   a process …
   a captured temptation,
   where a fresh, a new mesh begins.
Redemption Is,
   and within …
   a captivating grace,
   a continuous, refreshing cleanse.
Salvation Is,
   eternally secure …
   in a perfect love,
   where fear is gone, and for sure.
Formation Is,
   a welcome retreat …
   is a purified mind,
   refined, a heart without deceit.
Restoration Is,
   that sure fixed hope …
   is but Jesus,
   the defined, foundational rope.
Temptation Is,
   a deceptive, slippery slope …
   but a victory,
   and the Cross, it’s final hope.
Salvation Is,
   at once a dwelling within …
   is a peace, 
   an invasion, it ultimately reigns.
Completion Is,
   at once a perfect mess …
   is the CHRIST,
   has become our bless.
Psalm 34:18 (Holy Bible: New American Standard Version) … “The LORD is near to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
Romans 16:20 (Holy Bible: New American Standard Version) … “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”
Colossians 1:27 (Holy Bible: New American Standard Version) … “…Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
A modern day psalm, reflective prayer for those who suffer from a broken heart. Every one of us has felt crushed in their spirit from the daily grind of life in a world full of storms, trials and spiritual warfare. Yet, God is faithful, is good because Christ is our life, our hope of glory, and though Satan is on the loose for a short time, he will be crushed!

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