Born Unto The Sun

Born New

Born New


It’s like all my life I’ve been asleep

and now finally I am awake,

as if my past life was just a dream,

So why then do people weep?


It’s life drawing my very first breath

as if my lungs have never tasted air

like I’ve never been this much alive!

So why then do they call it death?


It’s like I’m walking for the first time

as if my whole life I’ve been standing still

like stepping over an invisible void

out of shadows and into sunshine.


It’s like being born unto the Sun,

Welcomed into the Father’s arms.

They said my time has come to an end

but life has only begun.


I’m sorry, I can’t comprehend your sorrow.

Here, tears are a foreign thing.

Your thousand years are my single day.

So, I’ll be seeing you my time tomorrow!


They say that I am now at rest

but this is the most I’ve ever danced!

They say I am in a better place.

They lie. I’m in the best!


A poem by the daughter of a friend, Hilary, and her name is Martha Thomas!



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