Fifty Three Hours


This is the true story about a boy named Daniel. It is a testimony of God’s great mercy, grace and strength in the midst of much suffering, where questions are not easily answered, yet,  without a shadow of doubt where hope and faith sustain and endure!


53hrs - Daniel Kiran Seabrook



Sarah and David Seabrook are good friends of ours in whom we met while living in India. Take 43 minutes to watch this video! You’ll be blessed!


53 Hours - Sarah, David and Daniel Seabrook


“Daniel Kiran Seabrook was born at 12:55pm on Friday the 10th July, 2009. He lived for just over 53 hours – passing away at 6:25pm on Sunday the 12th of July, 2009 in New Delhi, India. Those 53 hours were the most painful, hopeful, spiritual, beautiful and exciting hours of our lives. We thank God for every minute of them. This was no surprise – we knew in early February that Daniel had a fatal congenital heart defect (Hypoplastic left heart syndrome). We were advised to have an abortion but decided to go through with the pregnancy and birth in the hope that life would win and God would heal our little boy. This didn’t happen. Yet we love God and each other more today than we did then. This is our story.” – David and Sarah Seabrook


53 Hours - Touching Hands


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