“We often get into our own little worlds when we pray, focusing only on our families, churches, finances, struggles – everything that specifically has to do with our own sphere of interest. Those things are certainly of interest to God; we should pray for them. But a lot of times what we are really asking is for God to arrange our lives in a way that would be easier, more comfortable, and more fulfilling. We are commanded to get past that and pray that the message might go our around the world – and that we would be bold getting it out.

The early church was characterized not only by prayer but by bold prayer… they were not afraid to be politically incorrect. They were bold because they knew the risen Lord, and that knowledge fueled intense prayers. They asked God for big things, and they asked Him for strategic things: that their communities would be taken for Christ, that their churches would be unified, and that their leaders would be empowered.

Ask God to make you bold and unafraid as you pray. Pray, “Lord, send me into your world unafraid and unashamed to declare Your goodness and grace through Jesus.”

A commitment to intercessory prayer changes lives

“You will probably never experience more opposition than when you pray consistently and intensely under God’s leading. Demonic forces come to attention when people get into God’s Word, but they have a greater fear than Bible study. They shudder when God’s people begin to pray.”

– Chip Ingram

“…Prayer isn’t a sport. It’s work. Prayer is no game…Prayer is the opposite of leisure. It’s something to be engaged in, not indulged in. It’s a job you give priority to. It’s performing when you have energy left for nothing else. ‘Pray when you feel like praying. Pray when you don’t feel like praying. Pray until you do feel like praying.’ If we pray only at our leisure – that is, at our own convenience – can we be true disciples?”

“Seldom do we consider the nature of our opponent, and that is to his advantage. When we do recognize him for who he is, however, we have an inkling as to why prayer is never easy. It’s the weapon that the unseen power dreads most, and if he can get us to treat it as casually as we treat a pair of skis or a tennis racket, he can keep his hold.”

– Elisabeth Elliott, Love Has A Price Tag


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