Be Still

IMG_3656Be still and know that I AM God. (Psalm 46:10)


Finding intimacy with our Lord. I open God’s word and read of all of those Saints and Apostles who were tortured and suffered and locked in jail cells and pits. Yet, their intimacy with God was rock solid. I’m quite certain none of them wanted to be crucified upside down, stoned to death, or beheaded. Yet, they accepted their circumstances because of their intimacy with Jesus. I can know all about the attributes of God; but what I really want is just to be THAT intimate with Him. I can love my husband because of his “good traits”, but what I really want is intimacy with the whole man. I want intimacy with the whole God.

~ Cathey Anderson: Visionary of The Freedom Climb, fellow freedom climber and friend who is currently struggling/fighting pancreatic cancer. Please pray for her!


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