7 Recommendations For Today’s Graduates

Eagle at Lake Monroe, IN. - Photo: Jeff Danielson

Photo: Jeff Danielson – Lake Monroe, Bloomington, IN

Seven Recommendations for Today’s Graduates:

1. Don’t wait on faith. It’s tempting to think big issues like God and faith can wait for another day, but don’t risk it. Life can take a dramatic shift at any moment. While you can find God in those moments, it’s better to already know Him. Build your foundation now, because you don’t know what lies ahead. (How To Come Back To Faith:

2. Build a meaningful life. Notice the word “build.” Much of your life will be a result of your actions. Choose wisely. The world owes you very little. Don’t expect anything to be handed to you. Do the work necessary to build the life you want. This requires intention and effort. Think about. Figure it out. And go get it.

3. Nourish healthy relationships. Much of what will determine your life satisfaction will be your relationships. Seek out emotionally healthy people. Work on your own emotional health. Protect good relationship and be quick to get rid of bad relationships.

4. Take personal responsibility for your life. Many things happen to you which are not your fault, but you have to take responsibility for how you will respond to them. While blaming others is easy, it doesn’t fix the effects of what has happened. You have to own who you are, what has shaped you, and how you will move forward.

5. Be addicted to nothing and in debt to no one. Few things will stunt your life like addiction or debt. It’s okay to have a reasonable amount of student debt, but nothing unreasonable and no other debt. Addiction is a whole other story. The most defining factor I can see between classmates in the 20 years since graduation are those who struggled with addiction and those who didn’t. While addiction can be overcome, it’s better to be avoided.

6. Become a good habit machine. Never has any generation lived in a time in which so much was understood about how good habits are formed and maintained. Become an expert on the process and then apply it to your life. Pick a skill, learn, determine a course of action, and turn it into a habit. Then repeat.

7. Seek the good and express gratitude. Most of the time, you will find what you look for. Seek the bad and you will find the bad. Seek the good and you will find the good. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience negative things, because we all do. Yet if you have the power to see the good even in the midst of the bad, you will have a tremendous amount of perseverance and grace. As you see the good, give thanks to God and others for what they have done.

– Kevin Thompson



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