Georgia Home: 1993 -2016

Its been a WHIRLWIND of a year… and though I felt God detaching, tugging at my heart in preparation for a move back to Texas the beginning of 2015, my hubby wasn’t on board yet.

So… I prayed and waited and decluttered and packed and waited and prayed.

Then the unexpected happened. It slowly began in November 2015 and suddenly (like overnight) we placed our house on the market ‘By Owner’ the end of  June 2016!

God prompted the thought, whispered so softly but ever so boldly into the recesses of my mind and said, “It only takes ONE, believe it! It only takes one person to love your home!” I believed and God did! Within a few days we had a contract and closed on our home of 23 years the end of July 💕

In the midst of all the craziness we packed a four bedroom – 2 attic and garage full of belongings and placed it all in not one but four storage units. And to add to the mix… I’d signed up to hike the Grand Tetons with The Freedom Challenge months before I knew we would be moving only to be gone the last five days. And my poor hubby, he too was recovering from shoulder surgery done in June. After saying our good-bye’s (it’s never really good-bye, its see you later)… off we went driving (not flying) to Texas only to arrive after midnight at my sister’s house with 2 dogs and a cat, adding to her 2 cats and a dog… and more craziness to say the least! We’d accumulated a lot in our 37 years of married life. And… we’re a bit crazy and like to live life out of our comfort zone! It’s an adventure for sure.

Then another ‘God moment’ in the midst of all of this…

My sister, Janice went to an Open House (before we moved to TX) and met a wonderful Christian lady who became our realtor! Elisha has been our rock through the thick and thin of the valley and mountain top! Well done, Elisha!

Three months have passed (after much pondering, praying, researching the pro’s and con’s of whether to build or purchase a pre-existing home) we found a home to love ✝️… and all because of God’s GRACE and MERCY. Subsequently, another whirlwind began… a decluttering and staging of Janice’s ‘Meadowview’ home to place on the market. Though my sister was informed her home would sell quickly, and then eleven showings in just two days it still remained a bittersweet surprise to receive a contract two days later. To our delight our contract on the ‘Tuscany’ home was accepted on October 17, 2016. With much discussion with a great team of people we close on both homes November 15th. Yes! God’s timing is always PERFECT. Again, it only takes ONE, one home to capture your HEART 💕


Janice’s Meadowview Home In Texas

And another ‘God moment’ in all of this…

After a full day of looking at houses… and feeling very frustrated, tired, discouraged… the LORD prompted a thought which in essence said go back to the neighborhood of the home we had seen before (decided against because the backyard was a huge issue). We did… but didn’t understand why. It just seemed pointless to go back to the house that we had previously said no way. It felt like we were settling? Yet it eventually became crystal clear that we weren’t settling. God had a surprise, the home next door was having a open house and had recently been placed on the market for sale! This became the home God allowed us to wait for. This is the home God gave as a blessing, an unexpected gift, a backyard with a pool and spa to enjoy.

I’ve always wanted a pool.


Pool – Spa: An Oasis

This has been a long awaited dream of ours for decades. We’ve talked and talked about retiring by combining households with my sister. She never married and my boys have always been hers, so it just made sense to combine in our retiring years. Well, we haven’t retired yet but we’ve finally done it!

Praise God!

Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4


Tuscany Home In Texas


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